The company was founded in 2008 as a technical office for the optimization of wind turbines.


Our products:

  • Laser based measuring devices for geometry measurement of wind turbines


Our services:

  • Determination of relative blade angles of wind turbines 
  • Determination of tip deflection and tower clearance
  • Detection of mass imbalance
  • Optimisation of turbines and complete windparks
  • Special services: measurement of absolute blade angles and tower clearance



ROMEG measurement is carried out an the turbine in Operation.


Thereby the rotor and turbine behaviour is displayed under real-life conditions.


The ROMEG sytem has been tested and approved by DEWI-OCC on 09.12.2014 and was again approved by            UL / DEWI-OCC on 10.10.2019.


We would be pleased to make you an offer for the measurement and optimization of your plants.

Please contact us if you have any questions on this subject.


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