Surveying of wind turbines for service companies

Optimisation of service costs

The ROMEG measuring method is suitable for checking the rotor geometry if aerodynamic or mass-excited imbalances are suspected. We also offer to service companies the measurement of wind turbines as a service.

Simple control measurements

Regular control measurements help to keep the loads and wear on wind turbines low and thus reduce costs – especially in the case of full maintenance contracts. A control measurement in the course of an annual maintenance can be carried out quickly and easily. Any deviations found can be corrected by the specialist personnel present and the successful correction confirmed by a final measurement.

Easy to transport

The high-precision measuring devices developed by windcomp GmbH are easy to transport and set up and have proven to be robust and reliable, even under difficult operating conditions.

windcomp GmbH also offers the measurement of wind turbines as a service to service companies. Talk to our experts and get a non-binding offer for a measurement or a measuring device.